March Flashfic Challenge

Attempted Murder….

I found this one floating around Tumblr, and have not been able to confirm the artist name, but I think it is Lindsey Kustusch.  I found several really great pieces by her that are truly amazing.  I think I have a new favorite artist!

Don’t forget about the February prompt!  You can write for any prompt at any time.  Just drop us a line if you want us to reblog your post! Write anything, long, short, poetry, movie script….Anything at all!

30 Day Challenge Day 5!

Yikes, had to go back to the office after Pilates tonight!  Thought I might have to miss today’s, but here it is. 

Day 5


Your character has a date but decides not to show up. Your character believes

he or she has a very good reason for this decision (you decide the reason). But

your character’s date is furious and decides to make your character sorry…

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Future Projects

I am thinking about a new project. Yes, I have two with Idun going now, one large one left over from last year’s NANO, one that is barely an idea, and one with another friend, not counting the two that are group projects just for fun.  You can never have too many right?  Oh, I forgot about the two short stories. Maybe I need to consider the possibility that I should learn how to focus first.

I want to try two versions of this project. One I want to be a group effort and one I will do on my own for NANO in November. I have 5 different tarot card decks and was thinking about doing a short story per card.  I haven’t picked which deck I am using in November, but I thought I could give cards to other people for them to write stories too. I would use a different deck for the group project than I do for mine, of course.

I cannot decide if this sounds like a good idea or not.


Working hard

Like Idun mentioned, we are working on a new joint project!  Hooray!  We are also eagerly awaiting the mark-ups from the editor on Kryos. Eek.  I’m very nervous about that, but that has not stopped us from working on new things.  I hope to have a short story up here soon, and in addition to that and the project with Idun, I am also working on a solo project as well.  It will be novel length and more in the fantasy genre than the dystopian fantasy one. Though I cannot get away from demons.  There are also side projects with friends and a project about supernatural experiences with my sister.  I’ve got plenty to keep me busy for awhile!