July 2nd – July Camp NANO

It is day too and I have finally written today’s part of the story! Sorry for the errors, this is kind of stream of consciousness. I am hoping that my friend who is doing the same prompts I am will let me post her complete story here when we are done. It will be fun to see how different or similar they are.

July 2nd

Prompt: Something lost, something found

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Is this what I have been doing with my time?

I may have lost my mind. For some reason, I remembered that I owned the SIMs game. I cannot remember the last time I played it, but I got a wild hair this weekend. I could have played one of the stories I started who knows how long ago. but I decided to use our Kryos characters instead.

I tried to give them the right personalities and as much as possible the right looks. Ezra is a flirt, slightly neurotic, and no clear direction. Hunter is military with no sense of humor. And these two think I am mad as hell trying to get them together.  They cooperated so much better in the book. It is crazy how hard they are fighting a relationship.


Hunter  Ezra

Hunter                                                                                                   Ezra

Hunter and Ezra Ezra and Hunter

The two of them together.


Just for fun, Raziq. Don’t kill me, Idun. Hahahahaha

I would say I need more constructive hobbies, but really, this is about as productive as I get.



30 Day Challenge Day 13!

Day 13

A change of environment can sometimes refresh and recharge the brain. Do you normally write at a desk or at your kitchen table?   Today, go someplace different to write. For example, try writing outside or in a public place such as a coffee house or mall….

I chose to stand at my kitchen counter because I am waiting for my laundry to finish so I can start packing for my vacation to Las Vegas. I am not sure that it really counts, except that I do not normally stand there to write.

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