I have tons of work to be doing, but I started watching Let the Right Ones In again and will now probably get nothing done. I love this movie.  The book too to be honest.  I can never decide who I feel the worse for, Oskar or Eli.  I would like to say Hakan gets a raw deal too, but his predicament is caused by his own revolting desires.  I am very live and let live when it comes to sex, but only when it is between consenting adults. I can not forgive pedophiles so he gets what he deserves as far as I am concerned.

Book and Movie Review: Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

OK, I watched the Swedish vampire movie “Let the Right One In“.  I really kind of liked it, but found that it was based on a book that had been translated into English.  So I got it.  I liked it even better.  One review picked on the translation but I had no issue with it.

If you do not like spoilers, go no further.

The book goes into a lot more detail that you just cannot get in a movie, so it is actually a lot more frightening.  It also explains a couple things that I just didn’t really get watching the movie.

1) Eli WAS Elias but castrated at the age of 12 so goes as a little girl to be less suspicious. (There were hints in the movie but I just didn’t put all the parts together)

2) Her companion who goes out and gets blood for her is actually a pedophile.  Everyone knows how I feel about that, but it did not ruin the book for me, but it helped me hate him even more.

3) Oskar is way more damaged then you get out of the film.

I liked both, see the movie or read the book, both are really great.