Playlist for Kryos

Listening to Idun’s musical muse for Isaac, I went back and looked at what I listened to for Ezra.  Ezra was my baby in this project and music played a large part in my development of him.

1)  Sail by AWOL Nation

Why this one? It gave me the feeling of Ezra’s inability to connect with other people on any real level.

“This is how I show my love

I made it in my mind because

Blame it on my A.D.D., baby.”

It speaks to his isolation and feelings of “otherness” that he has always had. I made it in my mind because.

“Maybe I should cry for help

Maybe I should kill myself (myself)

Blame it on my A.D.D., baby.

Maybe I’m a different breed.

Maybe I’m not listening.

So blame it on my A.D.D., baby.”

Ezra is stuck in a life where he sees no way out.  He knows himself to be different and even dangerous, but he refuses to see that what he is doing is not the way out.  Even after he meets Isaac he continues to deny what he is (“a different breed”) and struggles to convince Isaac and everyone around him that he is an ordinary young man.

2)  Cold (But I’m Still Here) by Evans Blue

Why this one? What about it doesn’t speak to their relationship?

(COLD) but I’m still here
(BLIND) cause I’m so blind
(Say never) we’re far from comfortable this time
(COLD) now we’re so cold
(MINE) and you’re not mine
(Say never) we’re far from obvious this time

The chorus sums it up. They struggle to keep the other blind to their true natures and create a place that is comfortable for neither of them and it tears them apart.

3)  Possession covered by Evans Blue

Why this one?  It is all about the pure obsessive need to control the object of their affection.  It is unhealthy and creepy.  So are Ezra and Isaac.

And I would be the one

to hold you down

kiss you so hard

I’ll take your breath away

and after, I’d wipe away the tears

just close your eyes dear

These were just the top three on my playlist.  There were many more, but these three spoke the most to me about Ezra and Isaac’s relationship and the effect it had on both of them.