30 Day Challenge Day 24!

Day 24

Write a story about a victimizer and a victim… in which the person who appears

to be the victim is really the victimizer, and the person who appears to be the

victimizer is actually the other person’s victim…

Confession time. I was drawing a complete blank for this one.  When I first saw the prompt last night I thought it was going to be great, something dark and right up my alley. I was WRONG.  I had NOTHING. NADA, Zip. ZILCH. ZERO.  My poor head was emptier than a super model’s stomach.  Luckily a friend made a truly absurd suggestion that turned out to be what I needed to get going. 🙂

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30 Day Challenge Day 23!

Day 23

One night your character decides to leave home and never come back (you

decide the reason). But at the airport, he or she encounters an old friend, and

they get in a conversation. Something about this conversation (you decide what

it is) makes leaving home suddenly seem much more difficult than your

character had expected…

Why is this one so hard???? I’ve thought about it since I posted yesterday’s and am still not sure.

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30 Day Challenge Day 22!

Day 22

Supposedly, Ernest Hemingway wrote standing up. On the other hand, Mark Twain wrote while lying in bed. Could standing up while you write give you extra energy? Could writing in bed help to relax your mind so that ideas flow more easily? Today, try doing one or the other and see if the physical change makes a difference in your writing…

I had to opt for standing. I could not manage to do this laying down, as much as I relished the thought of staying in bed. 🙂 Continue reading

30 Day Challenge Day 18!

Day 18

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. But some book covers attract and fascinate. Browse Amazon, or look on your bookshelves and choose a book you haven’t read that has a cover you really like. Now, you’re going to steal that cover for your own story. Okay, not really “steal” — just borrow. Write a story of your own that would go with that cover…

 Day 18 Cover

I chose the cover above, and YES, I did buy the book even if this is just an exercise I felt I owed it to the author, and it sounded kind of interesting….

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