Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

Writer’s block. Two of the most dreaded words for writers. Right up there with rejection letters and “closed to submissions.” Hop on over the to the blog for the NWA NANO WRIMO group and check out where to find some writing prompts, and some ideas for getting out of a slump.

WordPress Word-Camp July 2017 Fayetteville, AR

Things I learned at Camp!

I went to my first Word-Camp this past weekend, and boy did I learn a lot. One of the things I learned is that I should not cross post by putting the exact same content on this blog and Emotional Minefield!

Please follow the link above to see my post about my Word-Camp experience!


Our Project Characters

I thought it might be helpful to post something about each of the characters that we are going to be using in this series of stories we are writing. The characters will vary depending on the story, but there are some characteristics that will stay pretty much the same no matter which of is writing or what is going on.

I will start with the three I developed the most:

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