So I never liked the penname I used for signing up at BSB, and I always felt fake and weird when using it. I decided that I am going to let everything come together and use the penname that I used for +15 years I have been writing fanfiction, and other original free stories. I see no reason why I should not advertise my authorship on any and all levels with the readers that I actually have. And that they can find me on FB – So I will not be publishing anything, either with a real publisher or free stuff on the internet under any other pen name than Azzy (or Darling Azzy). I hope that this decision can get me back into the game, can connect my “serious” authorship with the more silly side, and my personal life. I love to write, and it’s such a big part of my life that it feels hollow to not be able to connect any and all types of writing that I do, with my person. So R.I.P Mrs Mars, you will not be missed.

This was copied from my facebook which I use for author purposes. I figured there was no need to type all that up again. But just lettin you know that I’m changing my handle here, but don’t think more about it, it’s still just me. =) – Azzy

You can find the facebook here.

Under the bridge.

So I was thinking of writing a short story, I won’t really say much about it now cause honestly I still have some research to do. BUT I was thinking about asking you guys, since I like to think that some of the followers we have here are not bots.


If something scary were to live under a bridge. what would it be?

The picture above is of “bunnyman bridge”, and if you don’t know that urban legend, you can read it here. But I’d like your take on this, and if your idea is really good, I will of course credit you if I use it.

You can either answer here, or shoot me an email on darlingazzy[at]gmail[dot]com, if you want to that is. ^^