We’ve had better days

This is the second chapter of our latest project! See Son of the Moon and our video!

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Son of the Moon. [first sample chapter]

This is a free sample chapter of our upcoming book Phantasms. Contact info and disclaimer at the end of the post. Every chapter in the book concludes it self, so this is a complete short story.

The story is about some boys who plays a prank that goes horribly wrong. (okay I was always rubbish with blurbs)

It’s written for young adults, there is nothing too graphic in it.

You can also download it as a PDF, sorry – no clue how to create a mobi file.

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Little Light of Mine

Like, Azzy darling, I have opted to stop using my pen name.  I will be posting as AsylumFarm (Anne) now.

I know I am late for the February challenge, but here is a very short story.  This story is about Adrian and his daughter Samantha, a couple of characters from a much longer work that I am editing now.

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So we’ve been thinking about different ways to do something small and fun, and something everyone could participate in (if you want to). So we decided to post something like a picture, or a quote, or a music clip, and then write some flashfiction.

We’re gonna post one every month.