Our Project Characters: Part II

The final three are ones that Rikke did most of the development on, but we both get to play with the full cast.

OTIS WHITECHAPEL: He is a truly lost boy. His home life was never easy and with his mixed heritage, he has never felt he fit in anywhere.His skin could be described as cafe au lait with a smattering of freckles over his nose and cheeks. His eyes are hazel.

He is short, skinny, and never on the cutting edge of fashion. He is a free spirit and will never say no to free drugs of alcohol.

SETH SINGER: The poor man is not well. he hears voices and has other delusions. He wants nothing more than to be normal, but now in his thirties, it looks like this may never happen.

He has very dark hair and nearly black eyes. Everything about him is intense.

He firmly believes in ghosts and possession. Often tells tall tales and has lots of information about the supernatural. You can never tell where his loyalties lie because he lies to everyone, including himself.

CALLUM (Malcom) VAN MAES: HE comes from old money and it shows. He will only accept the best of the best. He is equal parts arrogant, brave, and loyal.

He is in his mid to late twenties, with brown hair and amber eyes.

If you can get past the cold exterior you will find an intense and intelligent young man, but most people cannot get past his prickly attitude.

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