February flashfic challenge.

This little light of mine…

Write which ever short or long story inspired by this concept (text and/or image), if you’d rather do poetry or whichever, it’s fine. IF you want us to reblog your post to this blog, just shoot us a link in the comments.



So we’ve been thinking about different ways to do something small and fun, and something everyone could participate in (if you want to). So we decided to post something like a picture, or a quote, or a music clip, and then write some flashfiction.

We’re gonna post one every month.


January Project

This is still a rough draft.  This is what happens when I watch The Walking Dead and try to think of a new story.

I was listening to Hozier’s To Be Alone and thought of a story about a serial killer and it was going to be awesome and dark and all that, then I turned on The Walking Dead.  This is what happened instead.  Damn zombies. I do plan to work on it more.

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