July 2nd – July Camp NANO

It is day too and I have finally written today’s part of the story! Sorry for the errors, this is kind of stream of consciousness. I am hoping that my friend who is doing the same prompts I am will let me post her complete story here when we are done. It will be fun to see how different or similar they are.

July 2nd

Prompt: Something lost, something found

Character: Alien

“And this is why I don’t do drugs,” Gerald started trying to pinch his arms in as many places as he could, hoping it was a weird dream. “This kind of shit is what happens when you think acid is a good idea.”

“Don’t be a bore,” Simon said laconically. “Acid is terrible for our central nervous systems.”

“No shit, Sherlock!” Gerald could not help but shout. He stopped and looked around again. His voice did not echo. It was like shouting in sound proofed room. He tried again. “WHAT THE FUCK?” he screamed up at the no longer twinkling stars. Nothing, his voice was swallowed by the night as if it had never existed. He felt his hands begin to shake.

“You have got to tell me what you gave me,” Gerald implored urgently. He had never taken drugs before and he was starting to freak out. He grabbed Simon’s arm and forced the other man to look at him. “I need to be able to tell the hospital what it is.”

“What happened to you, Gerald?” At first he though Simon had spoken without moving his mouth, but a few loose flower petals and the fact that the sound came from much too far above him to be Simon told Gerald that the giraffe hallucination was still that, and now it was talking. “Please. Just tell me what it was.”

“Why would I have given you drugs?” Simon looked honestly confused. “I haven’t done anything to you; in fact this is all your own doing.” He gestured broadly to indicate the frozen partiers, the eerily silent neighborhood and the still chewing giraffe.

“And I would really appreciate if you got me back to my normal self,” Jerry the absurdly named giraffe said with a slightly offended tone. While this form is very useful for getting some very choice snacks, I am tired of it now.”

“That’s it; I need to get myself to the hospital.” Gerald took out his phone and started to dial, but the screen would not light up. There was no familiar multicolored pattern, not plain white numbers waiting for him to punch in his pass-code. Nothing. “Damn it, my phone is broken now too. It’ll take hours to get this fixed. Not what I need right now.”

“If you won’t tell me what you have given me, then at least let me use your phone to call an ambulance, I can’t drive in this state.”

Simon sighed and glanced up at the giraffe as if asking an unspoken question. The improbable ungulate gave a strangely passing shrug before turning back to the yard he was standing in to see if there was anything he had not eaten yet.

“Maybe it is time to take you home, Gerald.”

“Home is fine, I can work with home, I am sure Gabby, my downstairs neighbor will take me to the ER if I give her some beer.” Gerald felt a rush of relief.

“Not that shabby apartment you live in here. I mean home home. As in Nibiru.”

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