Been off line

I had some minor surgery (Rotator cuff repair) on the 23rd, and was not able to type with the brace on my arm. I have received permission to remove the brace if I am at home and being very careful so that means I can type! Yay!  However, never having had surgery before, I was unaware that post surgical depression was a possibility.  Depression is something I have struggled with my entire adult life, but I had no idea this would make it worse. It is not the pain.

I have had astonishingly little pain (Everyone warned me before hand that this was going to be horrible and i was going to be in agony) even now when I am running out of the post op meds.  I have some pain, nothing crazy though. The healing is going great. There is nothing to be depressed about.  I assume that the stomach trouble brought on the by the pain killers, mixed with nausea from some antibiotics, and my now sedentary lifestyle (I exercised 7 to 8 hours a week before the surgery) must all be contributing.

The worst part. Today is the first day of NANO and I am feeling too shitty to work on my project. 😦 I finally had to call my sister, crying because I felt so bad.  This sucks.  I am determined to at least start my project tonight. I don’t want to fail on the first day!

Happy NANO to everyone participating!


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