2-The Priestess

2 The PriestessImage from The Dark Fairytale Deck by Luis Royo.

The Priestess

She had failed them. Diana pulled herself from the trance and felt tears running down her face. For generations the Priestesses of the realm had protected the people. Maybe it is had been too long, they had forgotten the horrors of war and become careless. The priestesses had no such luxury, the memories of her predecessors as clear and real in her mind as her own. The Fae were not to be trifled with.

She buried her face in her hands, propping her elbows on her knees. What would they say if they saw her like this, weeping at the alter like a jilted bride? It was so unthinkable that this could even happen she doubted anyone would believe it if they saw.

Diana would have to go to the Empress tomorrow, warn her sister of the war now at their doorstep. She had begged the Queen of the Fae to reconsider, the child could be found if given more time, but it was done. The wards had already been breached along the southern border. The armies would be at their doorstep before winter.

It wasn’t as if her sister had just let the girl go, or lost her like a comb in a messy room. Changeling children were notoriously hard to control at this age, but it was frustrating how hard it was to find this one. Diana spent hours a day in a trance searching for the wayward girl, but to no avail. Now the Queen of the Fae had found out, and it was never a good idea to misplace a gift given to you be the Fae.


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