1-The Magician

1 The MagicianImage from The Dark Fairytale Deck by Luis Royo.

The Magician

“David!” Amber came jogging up to him. “You off to the gym at this time of night?” The gangly freshman pointed at his gym bag, full to the point of breaking over his left shoulder.

“Uh, Yeah.” David pushed his glasses up further. “I heard it is not as crowded at this time of night.”

“I’m sure, but there won’t be anyone worth looking at either.” Amber said sounding sorrowful.

“I’ll be sure to let you know.” He began to move slowly away, hoping she would take the hint. Amber was nice enough, but she had been home schooled after skipping ahead three grades at the age of ten, and it showed. The poor girl had no social skills, despite being a near genius.

“You playing tomorrow?” It was a pointless question, she knew he was, he was the dungeon master all month for their dorm D&D group.

“Yes, I’ll be there. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” He didn’t wait for her to say any more, he loped off toward the dormitory parking lot. Tonight was the night and he felt his heart race. He had barely been able to sit still in classes today he was so nervous. He had it all planned and had practiced the spells over and over. He would be able to do this, he knew he could.

He unlocked the door of his rusted and dented old Escort and set the bag inside. No tossing in to the back seat like he would if this was a real gym bag. Oh no, this was the real deal here, not sweaty socks and broken down sneakers. A faint clank came from the bag as it settled down onto the seat and he smiled to himself. That had been the hardest part, finding the sword. This was no cheap movie replica, this a a real sword, carried by a real war mage in the last battle between the fairy realm and this world.

David knew he wasn’t crazy, no matter how that sounded. All of it was real, the dark world, the Fae, the dungeons and castles, all of it. People had just forgotten, turned it into kids stories and games for nerds. He found the real book last year, in the off campus book store. He had been looking for a cheaper edition of his chemistry text and had been digging through a box marked DISCOUNT when he saw it. The binding was real leather and the pages edged in gold. It was clear it was hand written and bound. It must have been priceless, but when he asked the clerk how much, the pimple faced teen boy just shrugged and told him $1.50 if it came out of that box of junk.

Knowing he had something very special, David tossed two dollar bills on the counter and almost ran from the store before lest the clerk realize his mistake or change his mind. He no longer cares about the chemistry text.

He spent the next three days reading every page and looking at every illustration and illumination. This book was truly one of a kind. It not only had the true history of the world and its relation to the realms of the Fae, it also contained spells that could be used by human sorcerers and war mages. He had found his calling. The final chapter warned that a new war was inevitable, and he was going to be prepared even if no one else believed him.

Tonight he would prove that the book was real. Tonight he was going to perform the biggest spell in it. He was going to raise the dead. If there was going to be a new war, he was going to need an army.


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