0-The Fool

0 The Fool

Image from The Dark Fairytale Deck by Luis Royo.

The Fool

The fire rage long into the night. The smoke and flames painted the moons red. Jeralyn took no notice, she cared nothing for the stone and wood structures around her, she cared only about the rocks and the roses.

Later, her sister would scold her, ask her why she had not seen the flames, or smelled the smoke, but she had, she just had not cared. It had always been like this, ever since she was a small child. Jeralyn felt detached from this world, apart from it. She looked at her beautiful sister and stern but perfect father and thought that she could not be part of the same world as these two creatures.

She dreamed of a different world, a world with only one moon and a pale blue sky, not this endless swirling mass of pinks and purples and reds. Her long brown hair blue in the soft wind, scented of ash and char. She held a map in her left hand. It promised to show her the way to the real world, the world of sun and rain and blue skies. She did not know how she knew this. It only showed the simple markings to indicate important features, mountains, rivers, lakes, but the icon at the lower right is what she focused on. It looked like a mirror, but instead of reflecting the text in front of it, it showed a completely different word. The image in the mirror was clearly a different system of lettering. It was the words of her home, she knew it in her heart.

Jeralyn tucked the precious scrap of paper away in the tight bodice of her velvet gown. The ball tonight may have ended in disaster, but at least she had her map back. Tomorrow was soon enough to start her preparations to leave.


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