Yes, I have a problem.

Idun, you can go ahead and make fun of me now.  I know I have been driving everyone nuts with my new obsession with Ai No Kusabi and I realized I am hopeless. Who is my favorite character?  Not Riki. Not Iason.  No, it is Katze. He is by far the coolest one in the show. Yes, Idun, he has red hair.  I can’t help myself!!! I may need help. Hahahaha


5 thoughts on “Yes, I have a problem.

    • I found the first few on line but the last two are $70 and $100 on Amazon! I’m trying to find them for a more reasonable price. I really do want to finish reading them. Have you read them?

      • Ahhhh… honestly, no. I know people who worship them, though (I’ve only seen the OVA’s — they’re amazing, but I couldn’t take going into those angsty stories in even more depth). Even though Ai no Kusabi is credited with starting the yaoi craze in the US, I don’t have the fortitude to read about doomed couples — crying at the end of a book is on my “no thanks” list. I’m a wimp that way.

        The novel has been released in a number of different formats, so book #1 of one release isn’t the same length as book #2 of another. If you seek out older versions, it may be an adventure! The recent publisher, DMP, released book 8 less than a year ago but already sold out, so they might do a reprint — you could ask on their website.

        You might want to try the yaoiotaku forum. I don’t think aarinfantasy has any of the English versions of the novel. I haven’t looked at nihonomaru (another manga/anime forum, though it isn’t yaoi-specific).

        Good luck!

      • I do rather like dark stories. Amazon delivered 2, 3, 5,and 6 to me today (I do not know what I would do with out Amazon. Interact with live people outside of my house I suppose. *Shudder*). 1 is going to get here next week and 4 is on back order. 🙂 I have sent a couple inquiries about 7 and 8, so fingers crossed….

      • Yes, the downside of yaoi publishing in English is that if you are unlucky enough to fall in love with a good series too long after its publication (which, as you’ve seen can be as recent as w/in a year), the books are just *poof* gone, and there’s always some ass on amazon who’s willing to sell a copy to you in exchange for your first-born child. *grrrrrr* I hope DMP comes through for you. At the very least, Ai no Kusabi is such an incredibly popular series that there’s a decent chance of a reprint.

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