30 Day Challenge Day 30!

Holy cow! i made it!  And this prompt is a fun one, I get to make fun of myself.  Idun and my sister will understand hahahaha.

Day 30

Your character believes in love in first sight. In fact, your character believes he

or she has actually fallen in love with someone he or she has only seen in a

photograph. Your character makes up his or mind to marry this person…


“Have you lost your mind?” Mindy was looking at my walls, or more accurately at the pictures that decorated my cubicle. They were all of the same man, the man I am going to marry. “What are all these?”

“Don’t be rude, Mindy.” I am trying not to pout. How can I expect her to understand? “Niklavs deserves more respect than that.”

“On a first name basis, are we?” She does not sound impressed. How can she not be? This is the clearly the most beautiful man alive, it isn’t my fault she knows she is not good enough for him.

“Of course.” Is all I say.

“Are you 31 or 13? This guy looks like he can’t be over 20.”

“He is almost 21. His birthday is in two months.” I am proud of myself for knowing this. It was hard to find. You would be surprised at how hard it is to find out personal information about Latvian models. I had to stalk the social media pages of his brother and the modeling agency to find that little tidbit out.

“You need help.” Mindy flounces out of my cube in a huff. Jealousy is so not cute on her. I look at my favorite picture if him. It is actually the first I ever saw, he is wearing a suit and tie but it is disheveled and mussed, his long hair is tangled artfully and those beautiful lips are set in a delicious pout.

Love at first sight is real, and when he meets me, he will understand that we were meant to be together. I just have to save enough for the plane ticket.


4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge Day 30!

  1. Wooo hooo!!!! You made it! This is nice. The language feels natural, and you’ve captured the certainty of the developing stalker…

    Congrats on your 30 days determination. How was it?

    • Mmmm Serial Killers. One of my favorites. It probably shows.

      Thank you for all your encouragement! I challenge was fun, and I discovered I am a big weenie, I kept thinking each prompt was hardest until I saw the next one and thought THAT one was the hardest hahahah. Now I feel a bit at a loss, kind of like finishing reading a book. What do you do next?

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