30 Day Challenge Day 29!

Day 29

Imagine a house. Draw a quick floor plan of the house on a piece of paper. Who do you think lives in this house? Imagine the house’s residents. Now, add a secret room to your floor plan. What’s in the room? Why is it secret? You decide. Someone is about to discover the secret room. What happens? Write the story.


No bigger than a water heater closet, it is so small you don’t even notice it is missing from the square footage of the room. I built it myself. Who knew I could be so handy. I spent weeks making sure the door was invisible to the casual observer and the seams and joints perfect.

This is my sanctuary, my special place. It is where all of them are still as young as beautiful as the day I met them. I am quite a skilled photographer, I must say. I am even better at that than I am carpentry. There are 28 now, each more beautiful than the last. I may need to expand the room, or come up with a new way to display them.

This is my first one. Her name was Angela. I didn’t take as many photos of her, I was still so young, I didn’t realize how important that would be. I did save all the newspaper articles though. I am very proud of this display though. I took a class in scrap-booking just so I could do this right. All those little old ladies thought I was there to learn how to help my grandmother. They were so sweet, two of them even introduced me to their granddaughters. Only one was suitable, but I had to wait so long before I go for her that I almost missed my window.

Janice. I almost botched her, and she was only my second. The problem was that I had to wait long enough for them to forget about me. Her grandmother was one of those adorable old ladies in the scrap-booking class, and if I had moved too fast it would have been over, but her 22nd birthday was coming up and that was not acceptable. I would not lose my prize that easily.

I’m not crazy or anything, but they are just no good anymore after 22. You just have to trust me on this.

I learned how to make shadow box displays around number 12. Teresa. Teresa was actually almost not my type. Her hair was too dark, more of a dishwater blonde than a true blonde, but her eyes were perfect. I watched her for 3 months and have more than 2 dozen photos of her. I also kept some souvenirs from her. She wore a sapphire ring and gold hoop earrings. They look so nice in the shadow box.

I am up to 28 now. All my beautiful girls. I know that is nowhere near a record yet, but I am young yet. Only 40. I will definitely need more space in my lovely hidden room.

Are you impressed, pretty? I have your spot almost ready. I didn’t expect you to find it on your own, so I will just have to improvise. It will be good for me, I’ve gotten a little too set in my routine. I should thank you.


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