30 Day Challenge Day 27!

Almost there!  Technically it is past midnight here in Arkansas, but it is still before midnight in California, so I am going with it 😉 I was at a lecture down in Fayetteville tonight. I got to see Bill Nye talk, so it was worth being late on the story. 🙂

Day 27

Alison decides to find the son she gave up for adoption years ago. The son is

now a teenager. She tracks him down at the fast food restaurant where he

works in the evenings. Write about the encounter from either Alison’s or her

son’s perspective.

Jason hated working the night shift, but now that he was 18 the manager put him on it every chance he got. The kids couldn’t work that late, so he got stuck with it week after week. This was the time all the freaks came out. Case in point, the middle aged woman who came in here almost every night this week. She looked like 7 pounds of sausage in a 5 pound casing and was probably an addict too, given the dark circles under both eyes and the disheveled state of her hair and clothes.

Abbi was on break and Ricky was in the back “rotating” the stock. Jason knew that meant the boy was picking through the expired shit and putting it in his back pack. He figured that was the managers problem to deal with, but apparently zombie bride was his problem tonight. He waited at the register with is stiff “customer service” smile firmly in place while she made her shuffling way to the counter. Up close it was clear that she was not as old as she first appeared. Early thirties at the oldest, but her clothes and unhealthy appearance aged her a decade or more.

“Welcome to big burger, home of the big burger.” The idiotic slogan was said without emotion, it was pounded into every new employee from the minute they put on the uniform until it became almost reflexive, like breathing and blinking.

Jason did not care if his mom had a fit, he was going to go work on the oil rigs this summer. The money was good and he would not be dealing with this place. He needed out before it consumed him. The threat of physical harm was not as great as the threat to his very soul at this job.

“Hi, Jason.” The woman’s voice was timid and weak.

“Can I help you?” Something about her smile made his skin crawl. “Would you like to try the big burger combo?”

“My name is Alison,” she continued as if he had not been talking. “Alison Scott.” She stood there looking at him expectantly.

“Ok, Ms. Scott. Is there something in particular you need?” He was not paid enough for this shit.

The puzzled look on her face gave way to a crest fallen one. “You don’t know who I am, do you?” He thought he could hear tears in her voice.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am,” Jason frantically tried to think what to say to make this less wrong. He didn’t need a customer on camera crying while he was at the register. “I don’t keep up with TV much,”

He large brown eyes blinked at him a couple of time as the bright tears shimmered just on the edge of falling.

“I’m your Mother, Jason; didn’t they tell you my name?”

“Lady, you have the wrong Jason. There’s bunches of them around. At least three last shift.” He felt like the wind had been kicked out of him. Who was this woman? He knew who his mother was and it was not her. “I’m afraid my mother is out with her girls tonight.”

“Oh, Jason,” the tears did fall this time. “Didn’t they tell you? Do you really not know who I am?” She wiped at her eyes with her dirty sleeve and took a step back. “Just ask Claire and Randy. They should have told you already.”

The woman fled the garishly lit fast food joint and Jason was left standing with a dumbstruck look on his face. How did she know his parent’s names?


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