30 Day Challenge Day 22!

Day 22

Supposedly, Ernest Hemingway wrote standing up. On the other hand, Mark Twain wrote while lying in bed. Could standing up while you write give you extra energy? Could writing in bed help to relax your mind so that ideas flow more easily? Today, try doing one or the other and see if the physical change makes a difference in your writing…

I had to opt for standing. I could not manage to do this laying down, as much as I relished the thought of staying in bed. 🙂

How to make coffee on a Sunday morning:

  • Get out of bed.
  • Get back in bed because the floor is damn cold and you are NOT turning on the heat this early in the fall.
  • Get back out of bed because the dog needs out and the cat wants to be fed.
  • Find socks.
  • Forget to put socks on because you haven’t had coffee yet and get to the kitchen before you realize your feet are freezing and you have a pair of socks sitting on your dresser.
  • Put out he dog and feed the cat.
  • Remember to go find the socks and actually put them on.
  • Debate turning on the heater anyway.
  • Go back to the kitchen because the dog is barking and your neighbors will kill you if he wakes them up.
  • Think about going back to bed again, but you are so close to the kettle you just can’t.
  • Put water in the kettle, that dribble left over from yesterday will not make a very big cup of coffee.
  • Turn on kettle and listen to it hiss and grumble while you stare out the window and wonder if the bright sunlight is a lie. A big fat lie, as big as the lie about the cake in Portal.
  • Why are you staring out the window? You have coffee to make!
  • Get the French press from the cabinet.
  • Give it a good rinse, the spiders are everywhere now the weather has turned cooler.
  • Rinse it again just in case.
  • Where is the bag of coffee? Didn’t you just buy a new bag of coffee. Holy hell where is the coffee!?!?!
  • There it is. You never put it up yesterday.
  • Put grounds in bottom of the French press. Don’t worry about measuring, you will drink the first cup too fast to know what it tastes like anyway.
  • Stare at the kettle. Why is it not done boiling yet? What is wrong with this piece of garbage, surely you should have hot water by-Oh. It’s done.
  • Pour hot water into the French Press. You can smell it already.
  • Make sure you put the strainer and lid back on. The cat doesn’t need any caffeine.
  • Go lay down where it is warm. Just until the coffee has had time to brew.
  • Play with your phone while you wait. Pudding Pop will not play itself.
  • How has 45 minutes passed?
  • Go back to the kitchen. Your coffee is cold.
  • The dog wants out again.
  • Try to pour coffee into cup, realize you have to turn the lid so the opening is near the spout.
  • Try again.
  • Succeed!
  • Put coffee cup in microwave and rewarm. At least it is still coffee!
  • Let the dog back in.
  • Let the dog back out.
  • Your coffee is cold again.


5 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge Day 22!

  1. Funny — I read this having just crawled back into bed after breakfast, while thinking about how I need to get up again, and despite my more or less being dressed, my feet are tucked under the covers — neglected to find my slippers and am regretting wandering around barefoot. I neither coffee nor dog, but my cats and tea were enough to relate. Definitely.

    Look at you! I wander off for a trip home, and when I come back you’re already on day 22! Congrats. Almost there!!

    • Cats and tea are close enough 🙂 Personally, I miffed that it got so cold this weekend, there should be some benefit to living in Arkansas and it not being cold in September should be on the list. 😉

      I hope you had a great time 🙂

      • Yep. Arkansas — I’ve driven across it a few times. What I remember is flat, flat, and flat… But I like big sky.

        I did have a great time at Yaoi-Con. Once I recover from the early morning flight home, I hope to say something interesting about it and get my pictures cleaned up and posted.

        Hope you have a warmer week!

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