30 Day Challenge Day 21!

Day 21

Your character’s dream in life is to be a celebrity. He/she is not particularly talented or successful at anything, so he/she will have to find a different way to become famous…

“I don’t understand it,” Jerry whined, petulantly shoving his food around his plate.

“Tell me something I didn’t know,” Darcie said absently, eyes still fixed on the television. Her favorite actor was in a new series and she had not taken her gaze from the screen since the show started, her dinner sat untouched on the plate in her lap.

“You sit there drooling over that guy and here I sit eating half ass spaghetti from a can in front of the television. I should be the one that is famous and on TV.”

“We having this conversation again?” Darcie had forgotten about her plate and put her elbows right into the middle of her cooling canned pasta without even seeming to notice. “You are just going to have to wait until the show’s over bub. He’s about to solve the crime and I want to hear how he figured it out.”

HE isn’t about to solve jack squat, Darcie. He is just reading lines from a script the writer is the one that-“ Jerry turned on that pedantic tone he was so good at.

“I said shut it.” Darcie still had not looked away from the television, but she had wiped off her arm and now tried to shove the dirty napkin in her roommate’s mouth by touch alone.

“Damn it. No need to go psycho.” Jerry swore at her, shoving her hand away and snatched both their plates up. The show would be over by the time he got back from the kitchen. He head the theme music that ran over the end credits when he turned off the garbage disposal.

“This is stupid,” he said as he threw himself back onto the broken down sofa. “I have done everything I can think of and I am still not famous.”

“Is that so?” Darcie’s tone made it clear she had her doubts. This was an old argument and she was really not in the mood to have it again. She was itching to get into the online forums for fans and discuss tonight’s episode. She knew one of her friends probably already had a fan-fic started. The girl shipped the detective with the police sergeant, but Darcie could forgive her. Everyone knew it was his partner he was meant to be with.

“Yes!” Jerry insisted.

“Been to any auditions?” Darcie asked, mind still on the television show. She could do this by rote now.

“No,” Jerry admitted.

“Volunteered at the improv?”


“Sent head shots or resumes?”


“Then what have you done?” She knew the answer and steeled herself to try to keep her temper.

“I have been to Walmart every day this week and even went to three different restaurants.’ Jerry insisted.

“And that helps how?”

“That is where people get discovered all the time!” The now middle aged man said emphatically. “Scouts could be anywhere.”

“Could be does not mean are, dork.” Darcie tried so hard to keep her eyes from rolling and the sigh out of her voice but Jerry’s pout made it clear she had failed.

“It happens.”

“In movies.”

“And that is where I should be.” He sounded so sincere Darcie felt bad for him. The man had no talent for acting, not skill at comedy, and was nothing special in the looks department.

“The only scout you are going to find at a Walmart in the middle of nowhere Kentucky is going to be a human trafficker. Just be glad you are sitting here at home tonight instead.”


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