30 Day Challenge Day 16!

Day 16

Put on music in the background today while you write. Write a scene that captures the feeling of the music…..


Song: Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey


Jessie sat at her makeup table. She frowned at her reflection, her hair was not as shiny as it once was, and no amount of hot oil treatments or coconut oil would change that. She leaned in closer to the mirror, feeling the heat from the ring of bright lights around it. There were the first tiny lines at the corners of her eyes and a fine web starting on her forehead.

Maybe it was time to look at Botox. She was almost 30 after all. Becky had started treatments and had her first face lift a year ago. Was that a gray hair? She leaned in and grabbed at the offending strand, praying that it was simply a hair that had gotten too light the last time she was at the hair dresser. With a pair of tweezers she carefully separated it from the rest. It was silver as the chain on her necklace.

Jessie felt tears prick at her eyes, it was starting to happen. She was getting old. She pulled the offending hair out in one sharp motion and sat there staring at it in horror until the bedroom door swung open and her husband stood there in his flannel pajamas. His skin was no longer firm and showed the signs of his years in the sun. He had once been fitness model, many many years ago. At 70 he was no longer pretty.

“How is my pretty little girl?” He asked absently, kissing her on top of the head, just over the spot that still smarted from pulling the hair. He had no interest in the answer. She was just that, a little girl. He never cared what she had to say. She was his fourth wife already, but a man with as much money as William was never without a wife for long. Was he looking for the fifth now that she was approaching 30? The thought made her sick to her stomach. What would she do when she was not longer young enough and beautiful enough for him? She had never thought about it before now.

She gave him a tight smile. “Just fine, darling. Just finishing up here.” She quickly shut off the lights, lest he see the signs she was now seeing. “You know,” she said as casually as she could as she pulled down the covers on her side of the bed. “I was thinking that Becky and I might take a trip down to LA in a couple weeks. What do you think?”

“Tom’s wife?” He was barely paying attention.


“Yes, I thought we might do some shopping and maybe go see her sister.” What she didn’t mention was that Becky’s sister was also her cosmetic surgeon. She may not be able to stop aging, but she could hopefully hold it off long enough for the dirty old may to croak.


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