30 Day Challenge Day 14!

Day 14

Write a story that includes: a blind man, a tent, and a train…


We heard the train horn blaring in the distance. Even it sounded sad. It has been raining non-stop for a week now and we are bored. No, make that BORED with a capital B. Mikey and I had planned on going camping, it was the last week of summer vacation and it was supposed to be fun.


We were going to take his brothers old tent out to the woods behind my uncle’s house and play mountain men. We were going to eat berries from the bushes and apples from Uncle Dave’s orchard. We had even talked my mom into buying us beef jerky so we could pretend it was last year’s bison or something. Instead we had this boring rain.


School would start in just three days and we were stuck inside listening to my cousin’s wife go on and on about how it had been terrible dry this year and how this rain was a gift from God. Though to be fair, everything was gift from God to her, even Uncle John’s accident. Mama said she was an upstanding young woman and it was good to be so happy with what you have, but I can’t see how my uncle being blind as a bat was a blessing.


Poor John had gone blind after trying to weld a new water tank for the livestock about 10 years ago. I was just born then, so it isn’t like I remember it, but Mama talks about it like it was yesterday. I guess having your brother go blind at 35 was kind of traumatizing or whatever.


That’s the word daddy used. He said it was traumatizing and we had to be understanding that it upset mama so much, even now. Daddy is a real smart man; he works in an office, not out here in the fields with the corn and the cows. Of course I think that is why he left; he was tired of these boring people with their boring farms and their boring stories. Someday I was going to go live with daddy in the city.


We will live in an apartment on the 100th floor and look out our windows to see the whole city. We can see all the way to the next state on a clear day. If we look down we will be able to see the birds flying below because we will be up that high that even the birds won’t come up there.


Mama says that is foolish, that there are not any buildings that tall and they would cost a whole lotta money to live it because that is how city people live. She says daddy doesn’t make that much money, but how would she know, she doesn’t even come out to the car to say hello when he drops me off when he comes to visit.


Daddy stays at the hotel at the edge of town when he visits, he says it is better to stay here instead of going into the city because it is a really long drive and I would get bored. I bet I would not get as bored as I am now.


Stupid rain.


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