Well.  Now I am annoyed.  I am trying to have a nice little glass of wine, not even a big glass, just a little glass, and a fly goes and drowns himself in it.  How inconsiderate! All I want to do with my Friday evening is drink a little wine and watch a little Ai No Kusabi (Thanks to Nyankoto for turning me on to that one!) and that wretched bug goes and ruins my wine.  Good thing I have vodka. 😉



30 Day Challenge is over

Well, I made it! Amazingly, I only cheated on one prompt (early on I chose to go with a Google search instead of the actual prompt) and I did post every day so that fulfills the spirit of the challenge, I think.

What next?  I am not even sure what to take up next.  I have a big editing project to work on.  My NANO novel from last year needs to move out of the rough draft stage and into the first draft stage, preferably before I start this years NANO.

Is anyone else out there doing NANO this year?

I am also looking at some minor surgery on a shoulder next month, so I hope I will be able to write during recovery.  I have the voice software I need to get working with…I would hate to mess up NANO because I waited to long to have the procedure done.

30 Day Challenge Day 30!

Holy cow! i made it!  And this prompt is a fun one, I get to make fun of myself.  Idun and my sister will understand hahahaha.

Day 30

Your character believes in love in first sight. In fact, your character believes he

or she has actually fallen in love with someone he or she has only seen in a

photograph. Your character makes up his or mind to marry this person…

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30 Day Challenge Day 29!

Day 29

Imagine a house. Draw a quick floor plan of the house on a piece of paper. Who do you think lives in this house? Imagine the house’s residents. Now, add a secret room to your floor plan. What’s in the room? Why is it secret? You decide. Someone is about to discover the secret room. What happens? Write the story.

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30 Day Challenge Day 27!

Almost there!  Technically it is past midnight here in Arkansas, but it is still before midnight in California, so I am going with it 😉 I was at a lecture down in Fayetteville tonight. I got to see Bill Nye talk, so it was worth being late on the story. 🙂

Day 27

Alison decides to find the son she gave up for adoption years ago. The son is

now a teenager. She tracks him down at the fast food restaurant where he

works in the evenings. Write about the encounter from either Alison’s or her

son’s perspective.

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30 Day Challenge Day 26!

Day 26

Today, try telling your story out loud. Speak into a recording device (there may

be one on your cell phone). Then play back what you said and write it down.

You can revise and edit later if you want. Do the words flow more easily when

you are talking instead of writing? If you don’t have a recording device, do this

exercise anyway, but stop after a few minutes to write down what you’ve just


This is what I used to start the story.

This is what I used to start the story.

I would have included the actual audio file but it would not let me attach it.  But that is ok, because I have been assured it does not sound like me. 🙂  The items in parenthesis are things I changed from the original recording.

I am really not sure I will get tomorrow’s on time 😦 I’ve got to get down to Fayetteville by 6 or so because the University does a guest lecturer every year (free to the public!).  One year was Jane Goodall, and another was the Dali Lama and this year is Bill Nye! I’m absurdly excited about that.  I do not know if I will get home and get a story written before midnight.  It is my goal NOT to fail, so we will see 🙂

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