30 Day Challenge Day 8 again!

There were two day 8s with different prompts.  I decided I was unhappy with my first one so I tried the 2nd one too.  Day 9 is the same way.

Day 8

Write a story about a bad or unpleasant person. Make this person likable to

your reader…


 I’m not sure if I succeeded.  I have played with Eddy before and Isaac belongs to Idun 🙂  I hope you do not mind, Idun!

“I think you have the wrong idea about me.” Eddy leaned back into the moldering chair and steepled his fingers in front of his face. He watched Isaac for any reaction and was not surprised when the Nephilim’s face remained as impassive as stone.


“I had not actually intended any harm to you…ward.” He gave a half smile, a look that had made so many lose their resolve, but still Isaac was unswayed. Eddy knew the creature was not immune to his charms; his sister’s child had been the nephilim’s lover for several months at least. He had learned that easily enough. Hell’s Ezra’s very existence proved that the nephilim were just as vulnerable to his kind as any other creature on this gods forsaken rock.


“Gemini is really quite special, isn’t he?” Still nothing. “Though it is quite clear he is not your child. Not at all. If I had to guess, I would say he was something that should never been born.”


“What do you know of it, demon,” Isaac sneered. “The so called ‘prophecy’ does not have anything to do with you.”


“Maybe not.” Eddy agreed. “But it certainly does for you. The way I see it, this is the slowest suicide in history. If people are right and a child of a vampire and a two-natured lycan will be sent to free the world from the rule of the nephilim, then you are harboring your own destruction and calling it your child.”


“If people are right, it is still none of your business.” Eddy let the smirk on his lips turn into a smile, causing small lines to form around his eyes. It was the first sign Isaac had seen that the creature was not as young as he first seemed. For all that the demon looked like Ezra, it was clear he should not be lulled into believing they were the same in any way. His lover was still locked away deep in the Pits, living his new life as lord of the damned and Eddy could not make him forget that.


“I could make it my business.” Eddy leaned forward dropping his elbows to his knees, taking a pose that screamed harmless, his head cocked to the side, concern and something darker clouded the jade green eyes briefly. “I could make you my business.”


Eddy was not hungry yet. There were plenty of marginalized and unwanted young people in this city to keep him well fed for quite some time, but Isaac promised to be something much more. While the human refuse of the City would keep him alive, he had a feeling the nephilim would keep him much happier. It would be like eating food from a street cart or a fine restaurant. Despite his obvious lack of interest in living, Isaac had a lot of life left in him.


“There is more to life than sitting in a rotting mansion, Isaac.”



4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge Day 8 again!

  1. Hmmm, this is the first one I couldn’t really get into, and I’m wondering if it’s because you were playing with characters you already knew but the audience didn’t. I sort of had a hard time following along. However, anything that involves lycans and vampires is good with me, and Eddy does come across as having some interesting motivations.

    By the way, Congrats on passing the 1 week mark!

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