30 Day Challenge Day 5!

Yikes, had to go back to the office after Pilates tonight!  Thought I might have to miss today’s, but here it is. 

Day 5


Your character has a date but decides not to show up. Your character believes

he or she has a very good reason for this decision (you decide the reason). But

your character’s date is furious and decides to make your character sorry…


Claire swore loudly over the blaring music. She had been paying more attention to her dancing than the curling iron in her hand. She now nursed a slightly burned finger and a ruined curl. She looked at herself in the mirror and the singer in the background crooned away about the splendors of finding a soul mate. At least that is how she interpreted the song. She just absolutely loved this song, almost as much as she loved David.

David. She needed to finish getting ready for their date. This would be date number three. THE date in her book and she was ready. She had waxed and plucked and shaved every inch of her body and spent the last 45 minutes applying her makeup just like the annoying girl on the YouTube video showed her. Her blue eyes sparkled; they were surrounded by glitter liner, shimmer eye shadow and extra dark mascara. They looked almost as amazing as her hair.

She had been very careful to get the color just right and was almost done putting on the finishing touches. The strawberry blonde curls bounced gently as she applied a generous helping of hair spray and headed to the kitchen to get an ice cube for her burned finger.

Clair admired her reflection in the windows as she walked across her little house. Her dress was tight, but not slutty and her high heels made her legs look as long as a super model. David was going to be so pleased, she could feel it. There was no doubt that he was finally the one. As in the one. She had been on so many disappointing dates in the last few years and was frankly tired of having to try to figure out what men wanted.

The one before David had wanted her to color her hair a darker blonde, another wanted her to wear those awful green contacts, and there was even the one that had insisted on her getting the breast enhancements. She was actually fond of those. She looked again at her silhouette. The light from the bathroom in the hall framed her as a shadow on the glass. She ran her hands down her body, yes, she liked the new curves just fine, and it was hardly her fault that his wife got some unreasonably mad. She wasn’t the one that let herself get fat as a sow after having a baby. As far as Claire was concerned the woman had brought it on herself.

The freezer light came on, temporarily lighting the kitchen as she grabbed the ice cube. Should she wrap it in a towel, or did you put it right on the burn? She could never remember, so she just stood their holding the rapidly melting ice against her tender finger where she had touched the curling iron.

Was there anything she had forgotten? She flipped on the overhead light and took inventory. Her hair and makeup were perfect, her dress was amazing, and she was as ready as a girl could be. Cosmo would be so proud. Everything seemed to be in order. She was about to turn off the light again when her deck of tarot cards caught her eye. She did not remember leaving them there on the kitchen table, but a quick glance at the clock told her she had plenty of time to do a quick reading before the date. David texted her that he would be there at 7:30 and it was only quarter past now.

She picked up the glossy deck. She had not really used these much and still had to rely on the little booklet to tell her what each card actually meant, but she felt her heart beat faster as she shuffled the cards. She was so excited to see the validation that David was the man for her and all the good things that would happen in her future that her hands actually shook as she lay the cards out one by one, face down on the table. She wondered if she would be able to tell how many children they were going to have, or if they would have a big house. David made good money now, she was not about to waste her time on some brake-ass boy, but she hoped he would make even more in the future. She had no desire to keep working in that horrible office with those dreadfully dull and mundane people. She was too special for that.

Claire sat as she reached for the first card. The Fool and it was upside down. She flipped her little book open and frowned. That wasn’t good. She was not acting like a fool or just living in the moment, she was totally planning for her future. Her future with David. She placed the card back on the table and slowly turned each card over in order. The picture it painted was grim to say the least. The Tower, the Devil and the Wheel of Fortune all made an appearance.   She did not have to go to her book to see what the cards were trying to tell her. She had to call David.

Claire frantically searched for her phone. She dug through her purse, looked in the bathroom, looked under her bed and even patted her bra down to make sure she had not stashed it in there. She really needed to call David to tell him not to come over. Those cards were clearly telling her not to go out tonight.

Her sofa cushion began to play a Whiney Houston tune. David.

Claire desperately tried to grab the annoying little device before it stopped ringing, but just as her fingers touched the screen it went silent.

“Damn it all to Hell,” she swore, biting her lip and momentarily fretting that it would smear her lipstick. She didn’t need her lipstick, she was staying home.

Before she could redial she heard heavy steps coming up the steps to the front door. David knocked loudly.

“Hurry it up, Babe,” he shouted through the wood. “We don’t have all night.”

What was she going to do? He was already here, but the cards said she should not go with him. She felt panic rising up in her chest.   She would just have to bite the bullet and tell him face to face. Or face to mostly door. Claire did not even take the chain off the door, she only opened it as far as the little piece of metal would let her.

“I’m really sorry, David,” she began, but was cut off when he tried to shove the door open further, not seeing that she still and it partially locked. He frowned but kept talking.

“That’s fine, just get your ass in gear so was can go, and take the damn chain off the door, you plan on keeping me out here all night?”

“No, David, I’m sorry, I can’t go out tonight.”

“What the hell are you on about?” David narrowed his eyes and tried to get a better look at Claire through the narrow gap between the door and the frame. “You look like you got your face one, and those shoes aren’t staying home shoes.” His voice took on a darker tone. “So who are you going out with tonight? You forget which one you booked tonight?”

“David, be nice,” Claire whined. “It isn’t like that. I got ready and then the tarot cards said-“

“Tarot cards!” David bellowed. “You mean to tell me you are fucking around with those witchy things? What are you some kind of a Satanist?” The look of disgust on his face made Claire want to cry, she had gone through so much trouble to look just the way he wanted her to tonight and now this.

“It isn’t like that.” Claire said for the second time in as many minutes. “I’m not some freak; I just use them to pass the time sometimes.”

“I don’t want to hear it,” David growled. “You are telling me you are breaking a date with me because your Satan cards told you to. You know what? I do not need this kind of shit.” He did not even say good bye, he just stalked off into the night without another word.

Claire closed the door and slide down to sit on the floor. She felt numb with shock. This was not how it was supposed to go. Hot tears fell down her face and she yanked the 4 inch heels off her feet and threw them across the room in a fit of pique. The tarot cards were another thing she would have to give up now. Who could ever figure out what men wanted?

The phone calls started around 1 am. The drunken men on the other end of the line all claimed to have found her number written in various placed around time with increasingly lewd suggestions of what she would be willing to do. Apparently David was not above childish pranks to retaliate for his hurt ego.


4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge Day 5!

  1. Cool. If you ever expand on this, I’d love to see a more complete or frighteningly specific reading of the cards, especially if you got really creative, rather than sticking too, too close to a mundane tarot reading. Just a thought, though.
    I feel like I can see her eye makeup…

    • I actually have a plan for a project all based on tarot cards. 🙂 I have put it on hold until NANO in November. I need to remember this one is here to get more into it. I bought 5 new decks just last month to find the perfect set for my project. (I’m not obsessive, not at all.)

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