30 Day Challenge Day 4!

Day 4

Think of two very different people you know. Invent a character who combines

characteristics of both of them. Then put this character in a stressful family



Confession time, I lay awake for a very long time last night trying to think of something for this and came up with nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. I also have very limited time tonight to write so I need something that plays nice with the muse.


I will have to cheat and invoke day 9. “Go to Google.com, and click on the “Image” link on the top left. This will take you to the image search page. Type two words into the search box, and click on the “”Search”” button. A bunch of pictures will appear. Choose one of them to use as a writing prompt. You can repeat this exercise whenever you need fresh writing ideas!”


Hopefully this fulfills the spirit of the challenge if not the actual “rules”.


Here is the image I found: http://www.amazingtattooideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Large-Dragonfly-tattoo-on-the-back.jpg


The stars were bright tonight, brighter than she had ever seen them. Of course they were not the stars she was used to seeing. Amanda never thought of herself as an astronomer or anything, but when you look up into a night sky full of unfamiliar constellations you know on a gut deep level you never knew existed.


The sharp clear points of light glittered in a sky that was anything but black. She could see whole galaxies thrown across the night sky like sand on the floor. If sand was pink, and lavender, and blue. There was no Orion’s belt, no big dipper, but she was certain she could see a dragon swimming across a foaming dark sea. As she watched, it even seemed to be moving.


“Why are those stars moving?” She finally asked her companion. Jamie seemed so unconcerned about any of the strange things they had seen so far that she almost was afraid to ask, in case it was a stupid question.


“Probably,” Jamie mumbled distractedly. The fae was busy searching the ground for something. “They do that sometimes, it’s just the fairy queen playing around a bit, they’ll settle back down when she gets bored.”


“Oh, of course, silly me.” Amanda could not keep the bitterness out of her voice. Until yesterday I didn’t even believe any of this existed, and you go and make it sound like it is something that happens all the freaking time.”


“It does happen all the,” Jaime’s head cocked to the side slightly, hands still feeling blindly for the lost item. “At least here.”


Jaimie was really making her blood boil. If the infuriating creature had not interfered, she would be at home reading Harry Potter fan-fics or something, not out in the middle of a field in a world she didn’t believe in.


“Don’t get your panties in a wad,” Jamie scolded. “Help me find the jewel. It fell out of my hand when we landed.”


“What? That is what you are looking for? Why didn’t you say so?” It was hard to keep the rising panic out of her throat. The jewel, given to Jamie as a means of moving between the fairy realms and her world was the only way she was going to get home again.


“You really didn’t give me much of a chance, you started your whingeing right off.” Now Jaime sounded a little upset. “I understand this may be a bit unsettling, but if it is any consolation, it is actually likely to get a lot worse before it gets any better.”


Neither saw the dragon fly flitter away into the night, jewel colored wings buzzing almost silently. If anyone had been looking closely, which no one was, they would have seen an almost imperceptible glittering from something wrapped in its long legs. It sailed through the star filled darkness, through the long grass and into the deep forest. It smelled of pine and crunchy leaves in here. It dodged an owl and continued on its way. The owl did not try very hard to pursue the bug, it had realized what it was just moments before it would have made contact. No, this dragonfly was not for eating, he would just have to find a snack somewhere else.


The trees thinned and a clearing opened up. In the center was a silver oak, barren of all leaves, its pale trunk glittering like precious metal in the light of the stars. The moon would be up soon and it would set the clearing on fire as the tree reflected the cold pale glory of the night.


The fairy queen sat calmly in the bowl of the tree, its branches forked as if it had meant to create a throne for her. Perhaps it had. She watched the large insect as it buzzed into the glen. She smiled at the site of the jewel clutched close. This is what she was looking for.


She opened her hand and the dragonfly dropped the blue gem into it before settling on her shoulder. The queen closed her hand around the prize and moved her long black hair to the side, exposing her decorated back. The creature quickly crawled into the space between her shoulder blades, just above the thorn covered star. In the time between one blink and the next it merged completely with its mistress becoming just another picture on her pale flesh. Its work for the night was done, but hers was just starting.



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