Future Projects

I am thinking about a new project. Yes, I have two with Idun going now, one large one left over from last year’s NANO, one that is barely an idea, and one with another friend, not counting the two that are group projects just for fun.  You can never have too many right?  Oh, I forgot about the two short stories. Maybe I need to consider the possibility that I should learn how to focus first.

I want to try two versions of this project. One I want to be a group effort and one I will do on my own for NANO in November. I have 5 different tarot card decks and was thinking about doing a short story per card.  I haven’t picked which deck I am using in November, but I thought I could give cards to other people for them to write stories too. I would use a different deck for the group project than I do for mine, of course.

I cannot decide if this sounds like a good idea or not.


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