A little something on summerhollidays and being a special snowflake.

For some time ago I decided to stop doing the whole ‘push yourself and your writing on random people’ thing, cause I just couldn’t do it. I realize it’s a bad move when it comes to selling, but the only choice I can live with, if I want to keep my drive and will to write. It just sucked all the creativity out of me, and while I might not be the best of authors, then what I write is not written to make money, but because I can’t not write a story and I love to share it with people. The money is secondary, not that I am objecting to them (cause that would be seriously dumb) but the main thing for me is to write out the story.

Anyway so after I stopped being social, or ‘force mingle’ if you wanna call it that. I can finally get back to doing what I love, and relax with it. Funny but it seemed like I got so out of focus with the “reality” of trying to sell myself as an author to a book not a lot of people are gonna read, that I couldn’t get a single word down on paper. All the ideas and characters I usually juggle in my head were just silent and gone. Not saying that I’m an artist, or special.. Just saying that I suck at selling myself as a brand, and that I hate being social online.

So summerhollidays here, my examns are over and I don’t start work till August 1st. Truth is that Heather and I wrote ourselves into a corner with our new project, and that is why you haven’t heard a whole lot about it. We have to sit down and unravel some stuff and get back to basics in order to finish it. I promise we will tell you more about it the second it feels like something we might actually show to anyone, and not just something that’s gonna die in a dropbox folder.

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