Future Projects

I am thinking about a new project. Yes, I have two with Idun going now, one large one left over from last year’s NANO, one that is barely an idea, and one with another friend, not counting the two that are group projects just for fun.  You can never have too many right?  Oh, I forgot about the two short stories. Maybe I need to consider the possibility that I should learn how to focus first.

I want to try two versions of this project. One I want to be a group effort and one I will do on my own for NANO in November. I have 5 different tarot card decks and was thinking about doing a short story per card.  I haven’t picked which deck I am using in November, but I thought I could give cards to other people for them to write stories too. I would use a different deck for the group project than I do for mine, of course.

I cannot decide if this sounds like a good idea or not.



Book Review: Tantalize

I had a lot of travel time while on vacation so I actually read two books.  The first was City of Bones that I reviewed earlier and this one : Tantalize by Cynthia Leithich Smith.

I just discovered that this is a series, actually.  This is the story of a not so typical high school girl named Quincie.  Her parents are dead and she is left to run the family restaurant with her sometimes flighty uncle.  Enter a new chef (the old chef being murdered horribly with her there in the building), and her uncles awful new girlfriend and things head south faster then a redneck BBQ.  And let’s not forget her half-breed werewolf boyfriend.

Actually Kieren (the boyfriend) is part of the problem I have with the book.  He is OK, maybe a little flat, but her obsession with him keeps the story from really developing in my opinion.  Everything is about her and who she is more attracted to. I get it, she is a teenager, she has hormone issues, but I just felt it was too much about her looking for validation through the men in her life.

That makes me sound a bit bats. Maybe I am not expressing it right.  Quincie could be more than just someone’s girlfriend, but at the root of her character, that is what she wants.

Now that I know there are more, I will give it another shot. Maybe she grows up a bit more between books.


Book Review: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

I just finished reading The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Now don’t judge, I know this is meant for young adults and I don’t count as a young anything any longer. (Howdy 40.) But sometimes I like to move outside of the dark and disturbing and see what young people are reading now.

I am going to start off by saying that I enjoyed this one. I really did.  There were a few things that were a bit predictable (for me to complain about that would be the pot calling the kettle black), but over all, not bad.

Is Clary A strong female lead?  That is a tough one. I actually think she qualifies fairly well, her main goal in not just to get the guy (and thank goodness she didn’t, but I won’t provide spoilers. You will figure it out early on.) She does have to be saved a few times, but Simon has to be saved more, so I still give her credit.

The characters are good, you care about them and what happens to them, though I would have liked to see more rounding out of Isabelle and Alex.  Of course, there are several more books to go and I may regret saying that. I plan to read the next one, but I will be rooting for Alec to get what he wants 😉


A little something on summerhollidays and being a special snowflake.

For some time ago I decided to stop doing the whole ‘push yourself and your writing on random people’ thing, cause I just couldn’t do it. I realize it’s a bad move when it comes to selling, but the only choice I can live with, if I want to keep my drive and will to write. It just sucked all the creativity out of me, and while I might not be the best of authors, then what I write is not written to make money, but because I can’t not write a story and I love to share it with people. The money is secondary, not that I am objecting to them (cause that would be seriously dumb) but the main thing for me is to write out the story.

Anyway so after I stopped being social, or ‘force mingle’ if you wanna call it that. I can finally get back to doing what I love, and relax with it. Funny but it seemed like I got so out of focus with the “reality” of trying to sell myself as an author to a book not a lot of people are gonna read, that I couldn’t get a single word down on paper. All the ideas and characters I usually juggle in my head were just silent and gone. Not saying that I’m an artist, or special.. Just saying that I suck at selling myself as a brand, and that I hate being social online.

So summerhollidays here, my examns are over and I don’t start work till August 1st. Truth is that Heather and I wrote ourselves into a corner with our new project, and that is why you haven’t heard a whole lot about it. We have to sit down and unravel some stuff and get back to basics in order to finish it. I promise we will tell you more about it the second it feels like something we might actually show to anyone, and not just something that’s gonna die in a dropbox folder.