A little something personal.

It’s no secret that I was not a fan of creating a facebook for “Idun” I don’t know man, it just seemed so pretentious to me. I tried, I completely overwrote any and all of my personal opinions on this, in the name of publishing, and PR. But I have just come to a point now where I see absolutely no point in having this facebook, I won’t be deleting it as of now, since it’s linked as an author to me and Heather’s shared facebook. But I won’t be maintaining it, I realize that it’s a unwise decision PR wise, but I just can’t get into it at all. I said I suck at this PR business, and I mean it! I have a very hard time pushing myself on other people, and it makes me feel obnoxious.

I have been writing for 10+ years on the internet, fandom stuff which I still enjoy grately, it is what it is – a silly hobby. But I still spent so many years around that I have a very hard time with having yet another alter ego, and this is really the hardest part for me, that none of this can be combined. I simply cannot be someone I am not, which as I said might be a terrible businss decision. But it is how I feel.

Not saying I will stop writing, or that I won’t try stuff published, or any of that. As you know we are writing on something new, that we fully expect to finish. One can only speculate on what happens then, maybe it will be published, and maybe it wont. But as far as the PR goes I just can’t do it, and so Heather will be the name and the face of this collaboration, she is doing a great job at it, and I would rather not deal with it.

You can of course always catch me here, or on my email, or on goodreads for that matter.

One thought on “A little something personal.

  1. I’m not doing so great lately. hahahahaha. I got neurotic and unsure of myself and quit posting and interacting for a while. I’ll get it together again soon. 🙂


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