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I finally managed to bend this to my will. I haven’t gotten around to all the spiffy stuff yet, setting up my bookshelves or the blog. I really wanna do the blog, but I have no freaking idea what to say in it. (story of my life).



Bold Strokes Books Authors' Blog

by Connie Ward


What made you decide to become a fiction writer?

I don’t really remember a time when I did not want to be a writer. My parents were both avid readers, and I was brought up in a house with literally thousands of books. I really cannot imagine life without books, and my favorites have always been fiction, though I read lots of genres.  I have been through several careers, ranging from theater design to engineering, but I always come back to writing as my true love.


What type of stories do you write?  And why?


My stories definitely fall into the dark speculative-fiction category. My fascination with the supernatural and the darker sides of the human psyche shaped what I write about. If I watch television, I almost always head straight for the shows about true crimes and psychos on the loose. It probably says…

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