Working hard

Like Idun mentioned, we are working on a new joint project!  Hooray!  We are also eagerly awaiting the mark-ups from the editor on Kryos. Eek.  I’m very nervous about that, but that has not stopped us from working on new things.  I hope to have a short story up here soon, and in addition to that and the project with Idun, I am also working on a solo project as well.  It will be novel length and more in the fantasy genre than the dystopian fantasy one. Though I cannot get away from demons.  There are also side projects with friends and a project about supernatural experiences with my sister.  I’ve got plenty to keep me busy for awhile!


New stuff.

We’re currently working on a new title, we had originally wanted to write a sequel to Kryos – This can still happen, if the title sells. (Which we of course hope it does). We’ll be disclosing a little more about this new title when we’re further in the process.