Writer’s Block Challenge #1

Writer’s Block Challenge #1

I was having a terrible time with writer’s block and Idun came up with an idea to help me through it.  We would each chose 5 songs for each other and will write a short piece to go with each one.  As she says, our tastes in music are wildly different, so it is a great way to break out of a rut.  The following is my first one.  The inspiration is Perter Gabriel’s Passion.  The character’s and story are original from one of my current projects.

               The blue flames licked along the walls and out shattered windows.  Jordan stood, stunned amidst the shards of glass and crumbled brick.  The entire hotel was engulfed in the spirit flame and jagged bolts of lightning flicked across the sky, striking the shuddering structure. Once a bright flash illuminated the domed top of the grand entry and a form appeared in silhouette.  It was terrible and beautiful, tall as house with great arched wings of black.  The darkness returned and the angel vanished.
She could hear the screams of the dying inside.  Her family was among them, but she could not move either to try to enter or retreat, he feet felt as if they were rooted to the spot as surely as the ancient oak that now crackled and burned beside the once beautiful hotel.  She was not alone on the lawn; a few ragged survivors huddled near her or rushed from group to group searching for loved ones. Jordan wrapped her arms tightly around herself.  She did not need to go looking for her parents.  She had seen them, just after her father shoved her from the high window, lit with blue fire, his round body seized in pain.  They were dead.
The moments after her fall were a blur, she knew someone had caught her, set her feet on the ground here at the edge of the grass, but where he was she did not know.  At 8 she still had the hope that this was a nightmare. Surely nothing this terrible could happen to her and her family, they were far too important for this.  Her father was a top minister and the king relied heavily on his expertise to rule the kingdom.  This trip to the fabled hotel on the mountain had been a gift from the king.  Only the wealthiest could afford the luxury of this place.  It was also one of the few places not on the train that people of the kingdom could visit in safety.  The wild men did not bother this place.
Another crack and the walls gave a final shiver and collapsed.  Instantly the world became dark.  The spirit fire vanished the moment the building succumbed and the world was left in darkness and chaos.  There was no spell of smoke, the flames had not been the kind that burned and charred, instead the very essence of the thing was destroyed, there would be no bodies to bury, no mementos to collect, only the empty space where the grand hotel had once stood.
The wind blew harder as the first hint of pink tinted the sky.  Jordan still did not move.

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