Book Review: Strange Place in Time Series by Alyx J. Shaw

Book Review Time!  You guys have GOT to read this!  The series is called “A Strange Place in Time” by Alyx J Shaw.     The first book, The Recalling of John Arrowsmith gets you started.  A modern day loser, ex-drug addict, and biker finds himself in a strange world.  Don’t be misled into thinking this is your typical “Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.”  It is much more than a simple stranger in a strange land story.  You do not really figure this out until well into the first book, but once you do, things start to make sense.
       This story has all the good character types:  the take no crap woman, the strange little man who is actually much more than he seems, the mad man with a heart of gold, and everything in between.  No one is who they seem and everything has a reason. I have to admit, no matter how fantastic all the characters are, Infamous is my favorite.
      The second and third books (Book II: The White Palace Rises and Book III: The Merry Executioner Returns) are so good, you will curse the author repeatedly because it is a work night and you REALLY need to go to bed, but you cannot put the book down now, not when THAT just happened.  I stayed up way too late several nights in a row because I could not quite reading.
Where can you buy these books?  Simple, if you own a kindle just go to  You can also get them from the publisher Torquere books.
        And don’t forget her other books while you are at it.  I can tell you, “The Shroud Eaters” is fantastic as well and I Will be buying “He loves me for my brainsss” as soon as I am paid again.

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